Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment is a method based on the discovery that brainwaves vibrate at different speeds depending on the state of consciousness and the brain capacity to adapt to given frequencies. 

The vibration of the brain waves can be manipulated by external stimuli, such as light impulses, electromagnetic fields or music. Listening to music that is designed to stimulate certain brain wave activities can therefore lead to a change in experiencing a given situation. When the frequency in the music is balanced in a certain way, it can support e.g.  relaxation, calmness, stillness, deep sleep, meditation or focus and performance.   

The musical stimulation of brainwave activity is done by binaural beats, monaural beats, or Isochronic Tones. 

Binaural Beats work with introducing two different audible frequencies for each ear. Monaural Beats deliver two tones of same intensity, but with different pulse patterns. 
Isochronic Tones send audible tones of same intensity, but in different pulse rates. 

The method we work with is a combination of monaural and binaural beats. 
The advantage is that the vibrations are not only found in the stereo field, but also in each individual channel. This allows the Brainwave Entrainment to work even without the use of headphones and in mono playback.

We have been involved in studies with automobile companies for the last few years and have perfected our technology. Our binaural beats are the purest you will find on the market because we have found a way to modulate the entire frequency band instead of just a small portion.

We offer the following frequencies: 

Beta waves 13-39 Hz
In the range of beta waves a person is in a state of being awake. Beta waves are characterized by focusing your awareness on outer conditions, investigative thinking, and processing of sensory stimuli.
Beta waves  can be used to encourage increased awareness and receptivity.

Alpha waves 7-13 Hz
Alpha waves form the bridge between the inner (theta) and outer (beta) world. Waking  up in the morning and still dozing a little bit (brain waves are in the theta range then) or  still remembering a dream while being half asleep,  one is in the alpha state. 
Hypnosis - for example - is based on alpha waves. The learning ability and memory function are particularly high in the alpha state. A pleasant relaxation as well as a positive basic mood are characteristic for this state.

Theta waves 4-7 Hz
Theta waves mainly occur during sleep and meditation. In this time the subconscious mind is activated. Access to unconscious thoughts is now possible. Characteristic of this sequence are vivid memory and creativity, increased learning ability, as well as vivid imagination and fantasy.

Delta waves < 4 Hz
Delta waves mainly occur in the deep sleep phase. They are extremely rare in the waking state. Delta waves are characterized by trance and "non-physical" states or dreamless sleep. The consciousness is completely switched off, only the subconscious is active. Delta waves are essentially responsible for all healing processes and serve to strengthen the immune system. In delta wave mode, healing growth hormones are released.

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