Licenses (FAQ)

Can I use the music in a legally secure way?

Yes, with the purchase of a license you can use the music for your work and publish it in a legally secure way.

There is even a section of Tracks to download for free. You can also use this music in a legal way, you just have to mention us by name.
(Music licensed by: + Track name.)

We offer two paid licenses:

  • 1. Standard License
    With this license you can produce and publish one work.
    E.g. A guided meditation with the title: "Fall asleep fast".
    You can publish and sell this one work on all platforms and stores.
  • 2. Advanced License
    With this license you can produce and publish an unlimited number of works originating from the licensed Track.


Can I download music to test?

Yes, you will find a sample button next to each track. You can download a 3 minute sample of the music and listen to it at your ease, text on it and embed it into your guided meditation production as a test.


What file formats can I download?

We offer mp3s in the highest definition. We compress to 320 kbps and achieve the highest quality. You will not hear any difference from uncompressed Wav files. Our data reduction allows you a fast download and helps the environment by saving data storage and energy.


Can I use the music Stand Alone?

You may use the music Stand Alone, i.e. without spoken word for background videos and publish them on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram.

You may not use the music Stand Alone via a distributor and publish it on Spotify, iTunes etc.

You also may not remix the music and then release it or redistribute it through a stock footage site.


Can I download a track more than once?

Yes, you can re-download your purchases at any time from your User Account.


Can I upgrade my Standard License?

If you have already bought a license, you can easily upgrade it in your User Account.


Can I use the music for film, tv or commercials?

You are not allowed to use the music for film, tv and commercials. If you would love to do this, please contact us and we will be happy to provide an individual offer.


What do I have to do if I receive a copyright claim from Youtube, Facebook or Instagram?

Don't worry: If you have licensed a song from us, then you own the rights to publish and monetize your work.

File an objection and within a few days the copyright claim will be removed. There will be no financial loss to you, as Youtube will hold the revenue in trust.


Instructions on how to file an objection



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