What is Royalty-Free Music?

Royalties are user fees that are paid to the rights holder of work pieces, such as composed music. 

Royalty-Free music is not music free from holder rights or fees, but a special kind of licensing. A licensing that allows the use of a specific piece of music for your own creations without having to pay each and every time you use it. 

The royalties and copyrights still remain in the hands of the producer, composer, writer or rights holder in general, but with a one time payment you can purchase a license of usage without being obliged to forward any more usage fee.  

It also frees you from the work to do research on how to transfer royalties in different countries and for different streaming or publishing platforms.

The licensing may vary depending on the system the rights holder offers (for the license system used by us, see: Music License Terms), but the essence of Royalty-Free Music is to offer a low-threshold solution for artists and producers to share their pieces with content-creators or people who use music as tools for their work environment. 

This possibility might be interesting especially to those producing regular content published on streaming platform such as YouTube, Twitch or TikTok and to those who work in fields where music is used as a tool to support their work, e.g. meditation or yoga instructors, sound healer, relaxation and mindfulness practitioners. 

The simplicity of Royalty-Free music also includes the easy purchase process most platforms such as guided-meditation-music.de offer. After registering with a User Account to once submit your booking data, you can click on the Track desired, put it into the shopping cart and with a direct payment via PayPal you immediately receive the license via E-Mail and the access to download the Track.  

It is a wonderful way to purchase a license with a one time payment that may include the infinite use of the music piece without having to pay every time the music is used in a self-created product.

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