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Hypnosis Music

The hypnosis music is designed to stimulate trance and hypnotic states. It deliberately refrains from emotionality in order to create an open space for intuition and introspection. The compositional purity invites to intense states of consciousness awareness.

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Brainwave Entrainment Music

Brainwave Entrainment is a technique elaborated  to evoke certain states of consciousness by using different frequencies in music. The brain is capable to adapt to a certain pattern of acoustic signals, like  beat and rhythm. A certain composition stimulates diverse states of mind, such as alertness, fatigue, concentration or contemplation. In this section you may find Tracks using Binaural Beats to encourage the brains wave activity to tune into different wave patterns. 


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These Interludes are shorter pieces of music suitable for intros or outros. Beautiful Relaxing Ambient Music that may serve to embed your own work into atmospheric tunes.

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Meditation Music

The Meditation Tracks are essentially designed to relax, to deepen and to accompany our inner journeys. They allow to get in touch with the variety of inner experience, feelings, emotions, expectations and tension and to find relaxation by acceptance and going with the theme and guidance of the music. Immerse yourself in these beautiful atmospheres.  

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Sleep Music

These Tracks are touching, they relax and invite you to dream. Long harmonic arcs, repetitive patterns and wide reverb spaces create soothing soundscapes that invite you to let go and fall asleep.

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Free Meditation Music

Here you may find Royalty Free meditation music. These Tracks can be used for free, also within a commercial context. 

The only reqieurment is to mention the producer and attach „ + Track name“ to your work. 

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